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Stay at Home Orders Cramping Your Style?Featured

We’re into our sixth week of stay-at-home orders and even the stellar homebodies among us are getting antsy at this point. It’s been awhile since we’ve met friends at a restaurant or cycled ourselves into a dreadful sweat at the gym. And unless we’re actively walking or jogging outdoors or have found wellness apps that offer virtual workout options, we may be starting to feel a bit flabby and unmotivated. Since conducting business is prohibited unless it’s deemed “essential” (and that’s a pretty subjective definition – just ask the millions of women whose acrylic nails have fallen off), we’ve had to figure out how to function on our own instead of relying on our routine services. But we’ve begun to sort out solutions to help fight the ho-hums, since as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Here are some alternatives we’ve found to help solve our most common requirements from home.

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take virtual tours
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“Stay at Home” orders have been instituted across our nation, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re feeling like climbing the walls right about now, you might enjoy this activity. You’ll get to travel without actually getting out of your seat. Many local and distant points of interest offer free and easy virtual tours and here are a few to get you started.

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The Old Towns of SoCalFeatured

Southern California is historic for many things — the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the gnarly surf culture, and the iconic Route 66 just to name a few. Tourists may venture here for the wonderful world of Disney or to experience the beauty of a SoCal beach. But older cities with plenty of history are definitely the way to go for a more immersive trip. Rich in history and fun, these old towns of SoCal will give you a glimpse into the past.

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An International Culture Tour Through Los AngelesFeatured

If you are fortunate to be in Los Angeles and are inclined to explore, you have a variety of different cultures right at your fingertips. The diverse Los Angeles culture is vibrant and inclusive and SoCal visitors can get a taste of its international flavor just by walking the bustling streets. Never been to China? No problem. We’ll bring China to you. Chinatown is located in downtown Los Angeles and has been since the 1800s. With the shops, the language, the smells and the sights, it is easy to believe you’ve flown thousands of miles, rather than a driven a short distance.

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So Cal Sunsets
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SoCal’s Seductive SunsetsFeatured

When it comes to sunsets, Southern California boasts some of the best, especially this time of the year From the peaks of the Palisades to the dunes of Dana Point, there are countless places to catch the last bits of a spectacular SoCal Sunset. But what’s better than gazing at the glow of the setting sun than doing it with your special someone? Here, we’ve curated a list of locations that we not only consider fantastic for sunset viewing, but some of the most romantic, too. So as we inch closer to Valentine’s Day, pick your destination and dash out with your darling to one of these top spots.

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